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Program Clone Remover as audio duplicate finder is a special one
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Audio duplicate finder
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14 April 2009

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With your music collection getting larger with newer files added to it, you may find many duplicate music files existing within the different folders in the collection. Such files as expected occupy valuable hard disk space and also contribute in lowering the performance of your system. Comparing and finding such files manually can engage you in hours of tiring labor. Nonetheless, there’s an effective mode available, named Duplicate music finder 3.5.5 that eases the task by finding and deleting the duplicate music files in few steps. The utility is designed with a wizard style interface to facilitate you in carrying out the process in a easy sequential manner. It’s capable of working to find and delete the duplicates of music, image, video, and other types of files.

The Duplicate music finder 3.5.5 application on launch shows a screen which mentions ‘What do you want to do’ that eventually prompts you for marking find duplicate files, copies of certain files’, restore files earlier moved to a specific folder, and open duplicate list from a file. E.g. you selected option to find duplicate files, now press ‘Next’ for further step to choose the actions relating what to search. It includes complete duplicates, similar images, audio files with same tags, files with same name and size, and empty files that you can mark for search process. This step also integrates Filter bar that lets you choose mask, size, date, and other attributes to set the search criteria. Moving further, the program associates location explorer to let mark the location for carrying out duplicate file search. Click ‘Next’ button, after which the application begins scanning the selected location for duplicate files. Immediately after the process completion, the found files are queued on different pages according to their type. Selecting the duplicates from these, with the final step you can choose to delete them, move to recycle bin, move to specific folder, or copy them to another location.

With the Duplicate music finder you can effortlessly search for the duplicate files on your PC and delete them, freeing the unnecessarily occupied hard drive space. The tool comes with self-explaining options, which help you derive impressive results; thus making the program worthy of a score of 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

Probably you�ve often met such unpleasant problem as duplicates in the PC. Useless (even harmful) copies of files (for example, musical or video ones) are capable to deliver efforts to anyone. As a rule such duplicates appear casually - for example, the user has not simply noticed that the file he has downloaded on the PC has already stored on the PC) therefore nobody is insured.
Is it possible to remove such duplicates from the PC? Yes, it is. But for this purpose you should spend a lot of time and there are no guarantees that you�ve got rid of all duplicates. Besides, the process of occurrence of duplicates is constant therefore you�ll have to repeat the procedure of PC clean up many times. It is obvious you can�t manage without special program.
Program Clone Remover as audio duplicate finder is a special one. It�s not only good duplicate music finder but it�s a very convenient utility in usage working with which will deliver a lot of pleasure.
For example if you don�t like to work with difficult panels of menu and tools (who likes to work with them!), this audio duplicate finder is for you. Relieved of such panels the audio duplicate finder consists of small number of windows in each of which the user is offered to choose this or that action which conducts to the following window of choice, etc. As you can see to get confused is impossible. The user as if talks to the program, sets these or those questions to it on which the program gives certain answers. The "questions" in the duplicate music finder is the choice of these or those commands, the "answers" are the performance of these commands.
The duplicate music finder works with musical duplicates, video duplicates, image duplicates and other files. It is pleasure to work with the program.
Duplicate music finder
Duplicate music finder
Version 3.5.5
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